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Promethean Dental Systems exists where dental education meets technology. Educators, students, licensed professionals, and regulators in dentistry are rightfully concerned about the introduction of new technologies into dental education and assessment. Many are skeptical of change, and want to see the evidence that technology can improve dental education. This page is dedicated to our approach to utilizing proven technologies to elevate dental education.

Priority 1: Multimodal Learning
It is proven that exposing students to multiple modes of learning can improve the pace of learning, depth of skill and level of recall. Most importantly, multimodal learning has been proven to improve attention span. Promethean Dental Systems utilizes multiple modes of learning, leveraging technology to elevate learning.

The Manikin
Dental education and assessment have used simulators for over a century for the development of the dental hygienist psychomotor skills necessary for treating patients. The first simulators came into use in 1894 and have become standard in dental education. The simulators use a “phantom head” and typodont with plastic teeth of various material composure and are used by a student to practice and demonstrate competence .
These virtual-haptic simulation dentistry devices are widespread being a major component of dental education and assessment throughout the world. The use of simulators in dental education and assessment certainly changed dental education. Promethean Dental Systems uses Manikins as a part of our multimodal learning approach.
phantom head.png

The Simodont
As technology evolved, the opportunity to enhance simulation using computer technology became practical. Virtual reality environments became possible, along with haptics. Simulators using virtual haptics have been used in health care education since the 1990s and have become commonplace. In dentistry, the past two decades have had technological evolution in virtual haptic simulators.
A strong stream of research already exists which demonstrates the utility of virtual, haptic simulation in dental education. A review article by Nassar (2020) in the Journal of Dental Education provides thorough coverage of the two decades of research in this area.

Multimodal Learning
The pluses and minuses of each mode of learning demonstrate the value of multimodal learning and the need for the Simodont to elevate dental education.
Promethean utlizes both the Manikin and Simodont to elevate dental education through multimodal learning. However, assessment is standardized, objective and more accurate on the Simodont.
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