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Dental Student Preparing for Boards
(PDS Stage 3 - Course 3A)


I am in my 3rd year of Dental School and I want to begin to prepared for the Dental Board Exam. I understand that testing agencies are offering alternative NDBE without human subjects. I am interested in the taking the alternative exam so I need to take a prep course.


I plan on attending Promethean Dental Systems' Course 3A: Dental Board Examination Preparation. I want to ensure I am prepared for the NDBE. I understand their approach is ethical, has life-like touch and feel, and objective assessments. I will learn the correct ergonomic position for my head, neck and back, which will help me extend my career. Most importantly, I understand it is cost effective.

Customized courses for dentists in Watkinsville, Georgia with objective assessment simulators.
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