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The Pre-Admissions Program
Learn more about our hygiene orientation programs designed for pre-admissions students, which include psychomotor skills courses, learning subscriptions and a Pre-Admissions Bootcamp that provide a competitive advantage to applicants.

Key Pre-Admissions Statistics
  • 100% of students interested in applying to a dental program don't know if they are truly qualified to be a dentist or hygienist
  • Psychomotor or Hand Skills make up 1/3 of the skills required to be a dentist (Psychological, Ethical)
  • >2% of students are dismissed for the lack of hand skills, leading to thousands of lost dollars.
Dental technology.

Promethean Dental Systems is partnering with Lincoln Memorial University to provide the necessary resources, educational courses, opportunities to refresh your hand skills, leading to a competitive advantage for Pre-Admission's students.

Promethean Dental Systems is partnering with Modal 3D to bring real-life human anatomy to our curriculum to enhance dental education and create a competitive advantage for Pre-Admission's students.
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Reducing the overall cost of Dental Education
Fair Standards and Objective Assessments

Dental Fidelity that promotes a higher level of ethics.

July Program Dates Available:

  • July 26, 2021 - July 30, 2021

Limited Availability, Order early for more practice time

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