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Jerry Cooper, also known as "Hands of Silk"
Board Member

Upon graduation from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, Dr. Cooper returned home and started his private practice in Trenton, GA. He served patients from the tri-state area providing comprehensive dental care for thirty years before deciding to enter academics. This decision was based on his strong desire to share his clinical experience, his desire to champion the complete dental care of patients, and his passion for the dental profession. Dr. Cooper served on the faculty of his alma mater from 2006 until the end of 2019.

He enjoyed his time at The Dental College of Georgia, making lifelong friends of faculty members and students. He served as a team leader in the comprehensive care senior clinic, while serving on various committees. He obtained the academic rank of Professor. He also maintained a very active dental practice within the school, treating patients from all walks of life. Dr. Cooper developed a program among the faculty for pro bono treatment of battered women. He was a strong student advocate, constantly and consistently working for students’ right to a complete educational experience. He received various awards including, the American College of Dentists Professionalism Award multiple times and the prestigious Judson C. Hickey Award for outstanding teaching. He was one of five general dentists to serve on the American College of Prosthodontists’ Digital Dentistry Curriculum Committee. He is a member in the American Dental Association (life member), The Medical College of Georgia Alumni Association (life member), a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry (life member), Pierre Fauchard Academy Fellow, OKU Honor Society, and the Hinman Dental Society.

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