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Dental School Applicant - Course 1A


I was concerned about my hand skills, prior to applying for dental school. What if I did not possess or could not learn, those required skills. Even if I am accepted to dental school, I could still fall behind my classmates, require extra remediation time or possibly be dismissed from Dental School. I could not afford to take that risk.


I attended Promethean Dental Systems' Course 1A: Pre-Dental Admissions. They taught me the direct and indirect vision psychomotor skills I needed to prove I can be a great dental student and one day a dentist. It was ethical, life-like look and feel, demonstrated dental fidelity, and I was assessed objectively. I learned the correct ergonomic position for my head, neck and back, which will help me extend my career. It costs monye to take a course, but this expense will save me a lot of money as a progress through my dental career. I would recommend it to all pre-dental applicants.

The simulation lab for dental hygiene school assesses psychomotor skills to prepare dentists for the coursework ahead.
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