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In the beginning ...

the world was dark and mankind’s knowledge was crude. In Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus gave the human race the gift of fire and the skill of metalwork, which eventually became associated with science. The use of fire has long been considered as a defining property of intelligence, separating us from other animals.

Since those early days in our human history, we have advanced science and society with many new evolutions. Now is the time for the next evolution, the Transformation of Dental Education.

Transforming Dental Education

Proven integration services and educational courses with dental fidelity that enable fair standards and objective assessments. PDS creates an outstanding experience for students and licensed professionals, while promoting a higher level of ethics.
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Promethean Dental Systems employs a patent-pending 5-Stage Dental Education System. Our educational courses are designed for the entire Dental Life Cycle from applying to a dental school or hygiene program to retirement from a career as a licensed professional. We augment traditional educational requirements and transform dental education with the use of advanced, integrated technology.

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Include psychomotor skills, NDBE and dental education - Promethean Dental Systems -

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