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International Student - Course 1B


I am a foreign trained Dentist and I had practiced outside the United States. I had not been practicing dentistry for some time and I wanted to get my license in the United States. I knew my hand skills were rusty and I was concerned about passing a challenge exam. I could not afford to take that risk.


I purchased the Promethean Dental Systems' Course 1B: International Student Program. They taught me the direct and indirect vision psychomotor skills I needed to prove I can be accepted into an Advanced Standing Program. They used different modes of training to prepare me for any variations of the challenge exam. It was ethical, life-like touch and feel, and objectively assessed. I learned the correct ergonomic position for my head, neck and back, which will help me extend my career. Most importantly, the program comes with features that other international student programs don't. I would recommend it to all International Students.

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